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"I am convinced: A conversation with Chris could be the turning point for your digital marketing" Peter Claus Lamprecht

Let's get to know each other better.

Are you ready to begin the road to improved online success? I'd love to learn more about your problems, challenges, and frustrations.
Everything you tell me is confidential. I will offer you practical suggestions, based on what you tell me.

chris wheeler


Learn more about me and the work I do by clicking or touching this link to my LinkedIn profile.

In our free 30-minute introductory conversation, I want one thing above all: to understand YOU. Your challenges, goals and visions are the focus. Here's what awaits you:

Listening: During these 30 minutes, I'm all ears. I want to know everything about your company, your goals and your previous experiences with digital marketing strategies. Where are things going well and where is there room for improvement?
Ask questions: I will ask specific questions to explore your individual needs. Which target group do you want to reach? What obstacles stand in the way?
Non-binding: This conversation is non-binding. It's about getting to know each other and finding out whether working together makes sense. There are no obligations.

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"I know I can trust Chris with any matter I chose professionally or personally and it will remain between us"

I have known Chris for many years, when he had hair and wore a green suit!

He was account director for a company which supplied a former employer of mine and he excelled in that role and delivered a great service.

Later, when he moved from North to East England, by chance, we became co-tenants of an office in our respective businesses. Since then we have collaborated on many ideas and projects and Chris has always been supportive of my business.

He is an unusual mix of entrepreneurial businessman, creative, marketing specialist and salesman. He is always professional and always delivers precisely the right message - simply and without 'fluff'.

He's encouraged me greatly with his online web marketing knowledge and clearly he is a leader in his field.

His attention to detail and to numbers, coupled with the fact that he knows how to treat colleagues and clients, is really good.

His determination to succeed where others have failed and to go the the extra mile is part of why I decided to write this. Our business relationship aside, we are confidantes now, and I know I can trust Chris with any matter I chose professionally or personally and it will remain between us - a rarity I have found.

Phil Moran

Investor and Entrepreneur

"It's been a pleasure to get to know chris and to see how he impacts the people he works with and for" 

I first met Chris when I started working in recruitment, a couple of years ago, initially as a candidate for open roles on the German market, and then as a client, supporting him as the COO at ReachX on a variety of open vacancies.

Chris is the type of individual and connection everyone wishes for: professional, knowledgeable, straightforward and with the right mindset to simply get things done then and there.

It was such a pleasure to work together and I truly hope to repeat this in the future as well, in a different capacity perhaps.

Monica G. Cristea

Talent Acquisition Manager

SOME brands I've rocc'd...

A lot of people, quite rightly, shout about the big names they've worked with. However, 80% of my work has involved new business startups or SMEs. These companies, prior to working with me, did not have much of an online presence. They also were in fiercely competitive markets. I took their businesses and made them prominent. This work led to me being recognised by "larger" companies.

what you need to know

What can I expect to get out of our 30-minute conversation?

The key thing is that I want to understand your business, challenges, goals and visions. My focus will be on listening to you and asking questions to explore your specific needs when it comes to digital marketing. I won't try to sell you on working together - this is just about seeing if we're a good fit.

Do I need to prepare anything for our call?

Not at all! Just be ready to share details about your company, target audience, current online presence and strategies, goals, and any challenges you want to improve. I'll ask lots of questions to guide our discussion.

What if I'm not sure I need digital marketing help right now?

No problem! This intro call is meant to be exploratory to see if working together could benefit you. There's no obligation afterwards. We can simply part ways if it seems my services aren't the right fit at this time.

You've worked with big companies - how can you help a small business like mine?

While I have worked with larger companies, 80% of my clients have been new startups and SMEs without much existing online presence. My specialty is taking fledgling businesses lacking digital footprint and making them stand out amid fierce competition. I can focus just as intensely on growing your small business.

What results have you driven for past small business clients?

As I have noted in the page here. The vast majority of my clients over the past 28 years, have been startups or SMEs. I am more satisified by achieving results for this type of client as they typically have either had (knowingly or unknowingly) a bad previous experience. Typically, they've trusted agencies which have let them down.

I have recently worked with clients in Europe and specifically in Germany. These clients/employers have seen results like page 1 positions on Google for key phrases proven to drive traffic and revenue.
I came to Germany to work for an early startup in health-tech. 

Results included:

* Reduction in CAC of over 60% in 4 months
* Increase in sales by 2300%
* Feature in the Apple Store
* Redefining the product category in the app store to harder categories - medical to fitness
* Page 1, for "Schwangerschafts-app" within a short time
* Training of interns, leading to management positions for them
* Top positions in Apple and Google Stores
* Improved conversion of the app with Amplitude and Firebase as guides


I orchestrated an e-commerce strategy which led to a company 23 year record being broken. I have led teams in delivering for one of Germany's largest banks, as well as a private travel charter firm. For the latter, post COVID when there ha been a massive downturn, I delivered so many leads with a campaign I led, that the company did not have enough staff to cope with the leads generated. You can find more case studies by clicking or touching here to be taken to our dedicated page.

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