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Do you need to work with experienced conversion rate optimization consultants? Feel the pulse of success with a tailored CRO rock anthem.
This isn't just about conversions; it's about your brand taking the spotlight. Get ready to rocc the digital stage.

"Be a yardstick of quality. Some people are not used to an environment where excellence is expected." Steve Jobs


An  Intro to Conversion Rate Optimization - Unlocking the Symphony of Success. Are you ready to conduct the symphony of success in your digital marketing strategy?


Epic Entrance. Roccstar Vibes

Landing page design isn't just an entrance; it's a grand opening riff. Brace yourself for a digital stage set to rock your experience. Your journey begins with a chord that echoes lasting impressions.

Landing in Rocc Harmony

Imagine your arrival as the start of a rock anthem.

Landing page design harmonises visuals and interaction, creating a symphony of engagement. 

Get ready to land in a digital world where every note resonates with your rhythm.


Uncover the Narrative

  Every page is a piece of your score waiting to be explored. Your website content is a meticulously crafted story, inviting your viewer to immerse themself in a tapestry of knowledge, creativity, and valuable insights.

Dive into Discovery:

Unlock the richness within your website as if turning the pages of an open book. Each element, from text to visuals, is a musical note in a symphony of information.

Immerse yourself in a journey where every click is a note in your exploration.


Elevate Your Experience

Feel the conductor's cue as  strategic calls to action guide you through a symphony of engagement. Each prompt is a note in your personalised experience, harmonising seamlessly to lead you towards meaningful interactions.

Take the Lead: 

Be the soloist in your journey. Our calls to action act as your conductor, orchestrating the perfect blend of opportunities. Seize the moment, and let each click resonate in tune with your desired destination.

Imagine conversion rate optimization (CRO) as the rock maestro transforming your online presence into an electrifying symphony.

Envision your website as a dynamic rock concert, each element playing a crucial role. From the engaging design resonating with your audience to the compelling copy striking emotional chords, every aspect aligns for maximum conversions.

CRO takes on the role of the rock conductor, fine-tuning your performance to guide visitors towards the desired goal. It's like turning a tentative listener into an avid fan by delivering an exceptional experience that leaves them craving an encore.

Similar to a skilled guitarist adapting their riff for diverse listeners, CRO tailors your website to unique visitor preferences. It harmonizes design, content, and user experience, striking the chords that inspire action.

Analysing the rhythms of user behaviour, CRO uncovers areas where your site may hit a discordant note. Identifying hurdles hindering conversions, it orchestrates strategic adjustments for a seamless and rock-inspired visitor journey. Are you ready to fine-tune your website or app and achieve symphonic success? How can CRO help compose a memorable experience for your audience?


The Power of Structure

 Your digital journey is our rock show, and the structure of our website is the stage where the magic happens. Immerse yourself in a symphony of carefully arranged elements, ready to unleash an unforgettable online performance.

Website Blueprint, Rock Anthem

Behold the blueprint of our digital arena, meticulously designed like the setup of a rock stage. Every section, every feature, harmonises to create a structured spectacle, ensuring your navigation is as epic as a guitar solo.


Amplify Your Engagement

  Every form field your viewer  completes isn't just data; it's the volume knob to your interaction. Picture it as turning up the engagement, ensuring your digital experience is set to maximum impact.

Your Form, Your Interaction Gateway

Consider your form as the gateway to heightened interaction. Each detail you provide widens the door to a more personalised and engaging online journey. Your chances of meaningful interaction increase with every completed field.

Unlock Personalised Interactions

Completing your form isn't a checkbox; it's unlocking personalised interactions. Imagine it as adjusting the settings for a tailor-made experience. Your viewers input directly influences the likelihood of impactful engagement.


Speed to Perform

Like a lightning-fast guitar solo captivates an audience, swift page loading ensures your audience stays tuned in. Boost user experience, engage visitors instantly, and strike the right tempo for optimal conversions. Are you ready to amplify your digital presence with rapid page speed?"

Page speed has a massive impact on the conversion of your website. 

You could have the best channels for marketing – SEO, social media, paid ads, or social media. But the impact or cost of your activity will be drastically reduced if your landing page takes forever to load. Optimization strategies will create will lead to faster page loads and therefore a higher chance of conversion.

You need a CRO strategy that is both world-class and is proven to work. Bringing together viewers and search engines in a marriage of convenience. Get it right and they will both love your product and your website structure in equal measure – leading to higher levels of engagement and more sales for you!

Together, let's increase the odds that viewers will perform and complete calls to action (conversions) on your landing page.

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conversion rate optimiZation questions

Can I hire you for just one service?

Of course. You may start with a full marketing or growth MRI for your business, or you may need an SEO service. You can mix and match to suit your unique business requirements. 

How much does a project cost?

We could comment here "it depends" as everything we do is unique. But, we appreciate you need to understand the budget you might need. A small project can be around $5000/€4500, a mid-range from $10,000/€9500 and a large one can begin at $35000/€33000 and reach over $100,000/€90000. But this is, of course, an indicative price scale and you should contact us to discuss your own unique needs.

Who will I be working with during the project?

At letsrocc we don't have account managers. We guarantee you that the person you first engaged with (normally Chris or Claudia) will be the leads in your project. They'll handpick a team of super-experienced contractors to deliver your project.

What do you need from me to prepare a quotation for me (as a client) ?

We've created a form for you to complete which covers all aspects of your business - marketing, competitive landscape, commercials, stakeholders and wins and losses you've experienced. This gives us a wider picture of your business and helps us to determine together the best channels and strategies to focus on.

What's the average project length?

Projects vary in length. Typically an audit will take 14-20 working days (not including final presentation time). We operate purely on monthly SLA (Service Level Agreements). This means that we can redirect activity as necessary or as required. Equally, it means that you can terminate the relationship with us, with absolutely no penalty, after just thirty days.

How are your fees structured for a project?

We hope that we have a clear scope for the project. This helps us to offer you a fixed price for a fixed project. We also love to work on long term projects. We'll assess each project as you present it to us. For smaller projects you can work on an indicatie rate of $250 per hour. 

How do you handle confidentiality?

In our business, we are presented with highly confidential information from the get-go. Whether this is financial information or industry-sensitive information, you can be assured it will stay confidential with us. But, for added security or peace of mind, we are happy to either sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) or provide one for you to sign.

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