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Practice makes perfect. Yes, you can read blogs, you can watch vids on YouTube or you can have a one-size-fits-all package online or onsite. But what about custom SEO training for your Team?

A training package built for you and your market...

Digital marketing is not a one-size-fits-all process - never has been. It's always been the case that you need to understand your competitors, your marketplace, your ability to rank in search engines, engage with great ads, or simply just put more money in the bank.  Now you can receive custom SEO training online or onsite...

audit and fine tune

Optimize your site’s information architecture for maximum crawlability.

keyword mastery

Conduct in-depth research to single out relevant high-traffic searches.

content optimization

Seamlessly integrate keywords into your content for greater relevance.

on page excellence

Optimize URL structure, headlines, body copy, and image alt text..

technical enhancements

Improve website speed and implement schema markup.

link building

Build high-quality backlinks to boost domain authority and rankings.

Best Value

indicative pricing

1500€ per day

Let's talk about specifics on our call together. We'll make your budget work for you.

Listening comes first
Understanding the business
Building a training plan for you
Learning skill levels
Side by side / hands on
"Chris is the type of individual and connection everyone wishes for: professional, knowledgeable, straightforward and with the right mindset to simply get things done then and there."

Monica Cristea - Berlin

Talent Acquisition Partner - Blackbird Collective

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What You'll Learn in a custom seo training course...


Identifying and merging strategic keywords is key for search engine ranking success. Study relevant search queries and survey the competition before optimizing a page.

Learn how to tap into market demand, naturally mixing keywords for both search engines and human visitors.

You'll be provided with tools to reveal opportunities, assess difficulty, analyze search intent, and integrate terms properly on-site. These skills help you delve into long-tail keywords that make search results sing.


On-page search engine optimisation mixes elements that search engines consider when crawling, indexing, and ranking.

From URL structure to headlines, body text, image optimisation, site speed, internal linking, and schema markup.

Leveraging semantic HTML and blending natural keywords is crucial.