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local Seo and what it could mean for you

Every day, numerous potential clients actively search for your services online. Do you want local SEO services aimed to optimise your website and online presence, ensuring they can easily locate your business?

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local SEO by the numbers



 Percentage of  local searches resulting in an in-store visit,
phone call, or purchase.



Percentage of mobile searchers who have utilised the "call button"on the search engine results page.



Percentage of  mobile searchers have  who used click-to-call to connect with a business.



Exploration of Keywords

Employing diverse local SEO tools, compiling a roster of keywords that your potential customers commonly employ when seeking services on Google.

Upon your review and approval, competitive keywords with a substantial search volume should  undergo optimization and tracking in our campaign.

Google My Business Listing

This involves crafting an optimised business description, uploading relevant images, filling in all necessary fields, and seamlessly linking it to your website.

Ensuring a proper connection between your website and Google My Business listing, thereby enhancing Google Maps and organic rankings for the specified keywords.


Conduct an examination of sites and directories where your business is currently listed to guarantee a uniform NAP (Name Address Phone).

Any necessary updates to these directories should be made and excluded from the Citation Building process.


The quantity and quality of citations stand as crucial local ranking indicators in Google.

Creating /standardising citations from reputable and authoritative websites and local directories such as Yelp, Brownbook, Yellow Pages, and more, should be a top priority for your website.

This remains a continuous procedure. On average, you should look to  generate 30 citations per location per month, maintaining an organic appearance to align with Google algorithms.

OPTIMISe for local SEO

To achieve first-page rankings on Google Maps and in organic search results, it's essential to optimise your website's content, internal linking, and technical SEO.

Conduct a thorough analysis and optimisation of websites on any content management system (CMS), addressing SEO issues that may hinder your website's ranking.

Upon completion, you should arrive with a detailed list of recommended changes to enhance your site.

You have the option to implement these changes independently or enlist our assistance.

quality backlinks

Developing a robust backlink profile is one of the most intricate aspects of both local and organic SEO.

Scrutinize your current backlink profile to formulate an effective backlink strategy.

Typically, you should be able to establish 2-3 contextual backlinks from reputable websites each month. However, the exact number may vary based on your current ranking, domain age, keyword competitiveness, and other influencing factors.

Criteria for website selection include real visitors, organic traffic (endorsed by Google), and commendable SEO metrics.

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