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Unlock Success with Expert Local SEO Consultants: Your Key to Dominating the Neighbourhood Search Game!

Imagine you're opening a cozy café in a bustling neighbourhood. You want to attract locals who are looking for a nice place to grab a coffee or bite to eat. Now, think of local SEO like putting up signs around the area, making sure your café is listed in local directories, and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere that draws people in. Just like in the real world, with local SEO, you're aiming to make your business visible and appealing to the people right in your own backyard.

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local SEO by the beans



 Percentage of  local searches resulting in an in-store visit,
phone call, or purchase.



Percentage of mobile searchers who have utilised the "call button"on the search engine results page.



Percentage of mobile searchers have  who used click-to-call to connect with a business.


Roasting Keywords: Your Café's Exploration Begins!

In the bustling world of digital marketing, navigating through the maze of keywords is akin to exploring the rich aroma and diverse flavours of coffee beans.

A skilled barista meticulously selects and roasts the perfect beans to craft a delightful brew, delving into keywords involves careful selection and strategic placement to enhance your café's online presence.

With expert guidance from our local SEO consultants, embark on this exciting journey of keyword exploration, unlocking the potential to attract and engage your target audience, one flavourful search at a time.

Pouring Perfection: Unveiling Your Café's Google My Business Listing!

In the vibrant world of digital marketing, your café's Google Business Profile listing is the storefront window that beckons passersby with enticing aromas and inviting displays. 

Much like the carefully curated ambiance of your coffee shop, your Google Business Profile listing sets the stage for potential customers, offering a glimpse into the unique experience your café provides.

With our expert guidance, we'll ensure that your listing is as captivating as the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, drawing in locals and visitors alike to savor the delights your café has to offer.

Tidying Up Your Café's Citations:
A Reputation Refresh!

A café owner will meticulously inspect each cup. They will ensure it's flawlessly clean and ready to serve.

Conducting a citation audit is like scrutinising every listing and directory where your business appears. We'll meticulously examine each entry to ensure a consistent presentation of your café's NAP (Name, Address, Phone), akin to ensuring each cup bears your café's logo and is served with the same attention to detail.

Any needed updates will be swiftly made, ensuring your café's reputation shines as brightly online as it does in person, setting the stage for a flawless customer experience.

Coffee Connections:
Building Citations for Your Café!

Just as the perfect blend of beans defines a coffee's flavour, citations from reputable directories shape your café's online reputation.

Think of it as carefully selecting premium ingredients for your brew. Platforms like Yelp, Brownbook, and Yellow Pages are key.

Keep the flow steady. Aim for 30 citations per location monthly, maintaining harmony with Google's algorithms, like crafting the perfect cup.

Roasting Success:
Crafting Your Café's Local SEO Brew!

Picture your café striving for the top spot on the busiest high street in town. Getting there means perfecting the blend of flavours, much like optimising your website's content and technical SEO.

It's like to fine-tuning your coffee recipe—examining each ingredient's contribution to the overall taste. Once identified, you refine the mix, addressing any SEO issues hindering your site's ranking.

With our guidance, you'll receive a detailed roadmap for success, empowering you to implement changes independently or with our assistance, ensuring your online presence brews success.

Stirring Success: Infusing Your Café's Flavor with Quality Backlinks!

Creating a robust backlink profile is like sourcing the finest coffee beans for your café's special blend.

Start by examining your current beans to devise a strategic approach. Aim to secure 2-3 top-grade beans—contextual backlinks—from reputable suppliers each month.

However, this may vary based on factors like your café's reputation and market competitiveness. When selecting your beans, prioritize those with a loyal following and outstanding quality, much like choosing websites with real visitors and commendable SEO metrics for your backlink strategy.

Local SEO: Questions you've asked us

How long does it take to rank on the first page of Google?

The timeline for achieving first-page rankings varies. If targeting highly competitive keywords, like "property for sale in Dubai" it may take 8-12 months for established websites and 12-24 months for new ones. Less competitive keywords, such as "mobile phone repair Dublin" can see results in 8-12 months. Results are assessed within the first month, but exact timing is unpredictable.

When do I see sales, calls, and revenue after signing up for your services?

If your website isn't generating business, it likely ranks below the third page on Google. Improvement to the first page typically takes about 12 months, with increased calls, inquiries, and leads. Before reaching the first page, expect occasional calls or inquiries, but significant results come with first-page rankings.

How many calls/leads/inquiries can I get on the first page of Google?

Results depend on search volume for your keywords. More popular products/services yield more traffic. For a keyword with 10,000 monthly searches, Google Maps and Analytics data can give insights into potential interactions.

Do your packages work for my specific business?


If you see your competitors on the first page of Google organic and maps results when you search for your keywords then we can definitely help you.

Our customised local SEO packages is a perfect fit for any type of business and keywords, geographical area and type of optimisation (global/local).

We know exactly what kind of SEO activities are required to rank your website on a first page of Google.

Our team has worked on all types of projects starting from local flower shops to lawyers, flat roofing specialists to real estate specialists.  From Washington to Manchester, Munich to Dubai. We can rank any keyword for any website for any City or Country.

What makes you different from other SEO companies?

Our approach is transparent and honest. We focus on optimising keywords with actual search traffic, aiming to improve rankings from beyond the top 100 to the top 10. We analyze each client's unique situation, providing custom recommendations and closely monitoring campaigns for success. We are skilled in coding, creativity, commercial business, and are pioneers in the field.

How do I start an SEO campaign, and what's the process?

Provide us with your website and target keywords. After selecting a monthly package which is customised for you, we'll analyse your site using various tools, providing recommendations within 2-4 business days. Monthly charges begin automatically.

Can your SEO packages guarantee #1 rankings?

While we aim to improve rankings, the evolving SEO landscape prevents any company from guaranteeing 100% rankings. Results depend on factors like competitiveness, but you will see improvement after 30 days.

Can you get me to rank top 1/top 3/top 5?

Of course! Continuous efforts post-first-page ranking can improve positions, but competition on the first page can be tough. Gaining one position per month is typical, but it is very individual. 

Do you optimise for Bing and Yahoo as well?

Yes, our work affects all search engines, including Google and Bing.

Can you help if my site has been penalized/blacklisted/deindexed by Google?

Yes, we've successfully recovered websites from various penalties. Contact us for an initial audit and then some comprehensive methods and strategies to recover.

Why is my site not showing up in search engines?

Several factors can impact visibility, including SEO-friendly design, readability, coding issues, and correct submission to search engines. While we cannot guarantee new URL acceptance, we can ensure that the process as swift as it can be.

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